Pioneering spirit. Since 1963, ROHR has been an active player in Brazil’s development.

A company specialized in construction and of access engineering.

Leader in the tubular structures’ segment. Serves infrastructure projects, buildings and industrial services with a broad portfolio.


With pride for training the best professionals, our staff is known for their planning skills and their continuous search for better productivity in its projects, from the initial surveys to equipment disassembly.

ROHR TIMELINE Timeline Brazil

  • 1960

    Beginning of ROHR’s activities

  • 1960s

    Scaffolds helped in the instrument-assisted landing testing at Congonhas Airport (SP)

  • 1970

    Acquistion of companies Mottin (RS) and Faiba (BA) and Manesmman of the Brasil’s assets.
    First Sicet thrower’s truss bridge over the River São José of the Dourados (Ilha Solteira)

  • 1970s

    Scaffolds helped in the instrument-assisted landing testing at Congonhas Airport (SP)

  • 1980

    Introduction of the ETEM
    system at GM’s factory in Taubaté and maintenance works for the Christ the Redeemer’s statue (RJ)

  • 1980s

    Conclusion of the Itaipu Power Plant and expansion of are Paulo’s subway system.

  • 1990

    Development of the Kibloc
    system Acquisition of the company Nüslli Brazil
    Development of the pioneering concept for access equipment (representing Genie in Brazil, for Alimak elevators and aluminum scaffolds)

  • 1990s

    Use of complex structures give the circular shape of the Museum of Brasilia.

  • 2000

    Aquisição dos ativos da EFCO do Brasil

  • 2000s

    Mario Covas Ring Road (SP) , expansion of plant Tucuruí and a complex project engineering gave life to the JK Bridge (DF)

  • 2010

    Introdução do sistema Faresin
    Empresa comemora 50 anos de história
    Lançamento do escorão de alumínio ROHR

  • 2010s

    Construction of stadiums for the World Cup in Brazil and start of construction of the Olympic Park 2016