Luz Railway Station – maintenance of a famous historical work

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If we imagine a list with the most remarkable of the city of São Paulo, the Luz Railway Station would certainly be included. Located in the city district called “Luz” (Portuguese for “Ligth”), in the namesake square, this work was inaugurated in 1867 and is now part of the day-to-day routine of a large portion of the city’s population. This station carries history of São Paulo and its inhabitants.

In order to best serve all those who use the services of the Luz station, it is necessary to make sure that the construction is always in good conditions. For the cleaning works of part of its structures, ROHR provided the equipment Genie Z80/60, an easy-to-operate flexible aerial work platform. The equipment needed to be moved in unusual ways that were never attempted before. When it arrived in the Barra Funda Train Stations in a flatbed trailer, it was unloaded from the transport wagon and, using a roller bridge, placed on the passenger boarding platform, so that it could be used in the cleaning of the stained-glass windows and metallic structures of the station. The distance from the roller bridge to the boarding platform didn’t allow us to take the equipment from the trailer and put it back on the wagon directly. It took several coordinated maneuvers executed by competent and prepared professionals from RORH’s technical team. The entire operation was carried out by our team and monitored by the safety department of São Paulo’s Trains and Bus Company (CPTM).

The necessary maneuvers turned the placement of the equipment into quite a challenge. After the conclusion of every project, there always is a feeling of a job well done by those who contributed during the work. We hope there will never be a shortage of challenged in every new work!

To access the technical specifications of the Z 80/60 platform used in the work, click here