5 TV shows that every engineer should watch

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It is difficult to find a civil engineer or an engineering student with free time to spare. But they all know the importance of taking a break from work or from studying to rest and calm the mind.

If you are one of the many overburdened engineers, today’s post will indicate 5 TV shows that all professionals of this field should watch, not only to rest, but also to improve your knowledges in a pleasant way. Therefore, prepare your television or computer and take a look at these must-see shows!

Extreme Engineering

This show created by the Discovery Channel will capture the attention of any civil engineer. The series showcases imposing high-tech constructions from the whole world, showing the designs, the construction processes, and testimonials from engineers and from the people in charge of the works. The series has several episodes you cannot miss,: the expansion of the NY’s subway, the creation of the Panamá Canal, the construction of the Dallas Cowboys stadium and of the Mumbai and Hong Kong airports, how hurricane-proofed houses are made, amongst other masterpieces of engineering.

Top Gear

This British TV series about vehicles exists since 1977 and is in the Guinness Book, as the most watched television show in the world. The show is recommended for all engineers who love cars. The show presents several types of vehicles, showing details and taking the cars to extreme conditions, taking all the power they can from the machines. Top Gear is a must-see for anyone who like keeping up with the latest automotive advances.

Ultimate Factories

This show from the National Geographic Channel is for engineers from all areas and sectors. It features the largest and most modern factories in the world, showing how its processes are, the work days and some episodes also show the constructions or expansions of the factories. The show shows the auto-factories from Audi, Maserati, Mercedes, Aston Martin, and Ferrari, as well as the Boeing 747 assembly line, amongst several other factories that any engineer would love to visit.

Myth Busters

Myth Busters is a very famous series in Brazil that captures the attention not only of engineers, but also aficionados of all the areas. This classic show from the Discovery Channel shows the special effects experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman confirming or disproving urban myths. The Myth Busters series is comprised of more than 140 episodes divided in 7 seasons.

Dubai Ultimate Airport

This documentary broadcasted in the format of a television series is divided in 3 seasons, and since its early episodes it manages to grab your attention and turn you into a fan. The series shows the expansion of the Dubai airport, one of the largest and most modern of the world, showing how the routine of a large sized international is and how the maintenance in the Emirates Airlines (owner of the world’s largest fleet of Airbus A380, the largest commercial plane ever produced) is made. Additionally, the series also shows how the air company is managed. The documentary from the National Geographic Channel is a success in more than 170 countries and is already available in 45 different languages.

Do you follow any of these series? Leave your comment telling what you learned from them. If you know any other series that should be included in our list. Don’t forget to share!