The correct handling for a 100% safe work.

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During the work routine, several activities take place at the same time, always using of tools. Without specific precautions, accidents can happen due to mishandling of tools. Manual tools in the pockets of the uniforms is an example of risk for the worker. Ergonomics, which is the study of the relation between the person, their work space of and the way they act so that no physical injuries occurs, must also be complied with. The handling is largely manual, which directly affect the labor force in the receipt, internal handling, and dispatching.

Some tips deserve to be highlighted regarding this point:

  • The equipment responsible for material and people movement and transport must be operated by a qualified worker.
  • The lifting of loads that require human labor must always respect the limits of the strength of each worker, and no physical effort beyond such limit are to be allowed. On average, the loading capacity of an adult male is of 40 kg and, while an adult woman’s is of 20 kg.
  • Loads can never be transported alongside people in the passenger elevator.
  • Movement near power lines merits full attention.
  • Tools must not be loaded in while climbing scaffolds.
  • Position the handled materials always in your front.

Contribute by respecting the correct handling with the tips above for the protection of your workers and clients. this action will also help increasing productivity, making your work safe and with positive results.