What procedures are contemplated in the post-sale services after all?

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We arrive at the end of our series about post-sale services. We already saw the importance of a good costumer service and how this care can only bear good fruits for the company and for the client. To recap, it is ensuring the satisfaction of the contracting party after the acquisition of products and services creates safety for both sides. It is knowing that there is a professional support when we face something wrong in the work. We already talk about the actions of different parties for a well-done planning service of the to the performance and today let’s see which actions are part of a post-sale services efficient that creates safety, reliability and quality to the client.

What needs to be done for a successful post-sale service?

Preparation of the performance project, with independent lists of materials for each project and level of the construction work.

Guidance to the contracting party about the storage, utilization, and maintenance of the equipment, as well as to the assembly team for the identification of damaged and unused parts and the correct way to load the materials for return.

Technical follow-up of the work, at the start of and during assembly, and detailed verification at the conclusion of the assembly to begin concreting.

At the conclusion of the work, overseeing demobilization, providing guidance to the contracting party in order to sort out the equipment by type and divide equipment parts into good conditions, damaged and unused.

A good post-sale services can begin with a simple action.

Now, we arrived at the end of the series. We hope that our tips helped you to better understand this universe by understanding how it must be addressed. Remember: a partnership does not end in the moment of the purchase, it goes one until that the entire project is finished. And it is the post-sale services that will help you in this way, ensuring a work that stays strong, even when face unforeseen circumstances. Until next time!