• Carrelone

    Used for longitudinal transporting of pre-formed beams when the fabrication yard is far away from the laying site, reducing the route to be covered by the Sicet thrower’s truss.


    Used for the transversal transport of beams in the pre-formwork yard, with movement on rails, with the help of a Tirfor or manual winch, taking the beam up to the gripping axis of the thrower’s truss or gantry crane and also to the yard’s warehouse.

  • SICET Shuttle Trusse

    Piece of automotive equipment for the laying of pre-formed beams and staves of up to 120t in routes that are straight, curved, and with slope of up to 5%. Along with the equipment Gantry crane and Fischietti Crane, it comprises the full set for transport and laying of the beams.