• POKER 75 Formwork System

    Steel formwork system with 18mm plywood of, which allows the construction of rectangular pillars of several sizes varying from 20x20cmto 85x85cm. It uses few parts, and only threaded rods are necessary to put it together. Its panel is interchangeable with the ROHR FAS formwork system.

  • ROHR FAC Curved Module

    A formwork system which allows the construction of circular structures. It provides a perfect finishing for curved surfaces, since it can be adapted to the project corners’ radii. Comprised of a metallic profile fixed to a 188mm plywood, this system allows for concreting with multiple radii a parti

  • ROHR FAT Climbing System

    A climbing corbel which allows for the retreat of the formwork plane, making the cleaning of the equipment between concreting stages easier and safer. The system ensures easier handling by moving the formwork plane with a fully sealed rack & pinion.

  • ROHR FAS Formwork System

    Consists of a steel-structure panel with contact surface in steel or plywood 18mm; provides agility and quality in the execution of large structures. Withstands concrete pressures of 60/80 kN/m².

  • ROHR HF Light Formwork

    Light formwork system for concrete that can be handled by a single person. With few parts, the system provides an improved performance in assembling and disassembling activities. Its steel contact surface allows for numerous reuses without losing the excellent finishing for the concrete.