• Tubular

    Traditional assembling systems, comprised of tubes and cable clamps, adaptable to any situation, also containing several accessories to facilitate its utilization.

  • AluROHR Shoring

    Aluminum shoring system, extremely versatile, with high performance and high load capacity absorption, which means better productivity, cost-benefit, and profitability.

  • Treliças

    T30 AND R300 TRUSSES

    Advanced structure for covering large free-spans of up to 30m with large capacity of transfer of loads to the ends. Used in level crossings, watercourses, elevations and terrains with support issues.

  • HT20 Beam System

    Durable and practical, since wood beams of this system are supported by shores or towers for the shoring of beams and slabs. Light, easy to assemble and disassemble, they have the advantage of high reuse index.

  • ETEM Tower System

    System comprised of three basic modular elements that fit easily, forming towers of several heights and with a high load capacity.