• Articulated access

    Vertical, horizontal, and rotational reach. Operational height of 7.9 to 43m and horizontal reach of 2,6 to 21m. Two and four-wheel drives and several motorization alternatives.

  • Pantographic Access

    Excellent option of platform for overhead work. Offered with electric or combustion engines, with models for every terrain and operational heights ranging from 6.4 to 15m.

  • Project Design

    For scaffolding applications in offshore platforms, ROHR offers project design services, which consists of first sending a CREA-accredited professional to assess the project’s needs for materials, thus optimizing their utilization.

  • Elevator and Rack & Pinion Platform

    Rack & pinion platforms increase efficiency and drastically reduce construction times and costs. Load capacity as per project. One of Alimak’s features is its fast and safe installation, offering a high load capacity with a reduced number of interlocks.

  • ROHR Stairs modular

    Of quick assembly, this is a solution for personnel vertical access, providing safety for its users. Easy identification of the parts. Made of weather-resistant galvanized tube material.

  • Aluminium Floor System

    The light floors with 2.5m boards, may be transported by a single person. They are anti-slip and have a cover for protection in its ends. The skirting boards are of easy assembly, with 4 elements (Skirting Board Profile, Anchoring Clamp, Angle Support and Transversal Sleeve).

  • Aluminium tubular System

    Same geometries as the conventional tubular, with the lightness of the aluminum, increasing productivity in the works and maintaining the same safety features.

  • Tubular

    Traditional assembling systems, comprised of tubes and cable clamps, adaptable to any situation, also containing several accessories to facilitate its utilization.

  • Kibloc

    From a standard fitting structure, there is a logic assembling sequence capable of supporting the workloads with safety. Installation becomes fast, practical, and productive.